Dragon Ball Manga Vol.18 Chapter 207 : Son Gohan Grieves

Dragon Ball Manga Chapter 207 Colored





Gohan worries if the training will be good, and Piccolo tells him that the first part will be survival training. He leaves Gohan here alone to grind it out for six months. Then they will go to battle. Gohan freaks out and says he'll die all alone, and Piccolo says he'll have bloodthirsty beasts to keep him company. Gohan freaks out and Piccolo explains that this will make him tougher, able to face both spiritual and physical challenges."Don't forget that the key to the fate of the world is in your hands. Believe in your own power and the effectiveness of that power. You have to study to do it." Piccolo then says goodbye and tells him not to even think about running away - this is heaven compared to the surroundings. Gohan then cries and asks where the food, bathroom and bed are and Piccolo just laughs Gohan thinks he is cruel and Piccolo tells him that he is destined to be cruel just like him.Meanwhile, God considers that this Piccolo looks different, and Mr. Popo agrees that the old Piccolo Daimaō would not make Son Goku's son strong. And then God explains that Raditz has gone to the afterlife and normally those killed by the demon tribe can't move on. So he must be different from the old Piccolo. God seems to think that Piccolo will be killed within a year when the two Saiyans arrive, meaning he will die as well. God thinks Piccolo might be trying to leave something behind after he's gone, even though he's Son Goku's son. Mr. Popo mentions the dragon balls and God says that next time will be the last time they are used.Gohan is out in the wilderness, scared and crying. And to make matters worse, a dinosaur appears and Gohan quickly runs away from it... until he trips and falls. The dinosaur bites him, but Gohan jumps out of the way. The dinosaur looks around and can't find him as Gohan is now on top of a nearby mountain far above the dinosaur. Gohan then cries about being trapped up there all the way into the night as he just lays there and sniffles. Then he notices some apples and eats them excitedly. But there are no apple trees up here... And the apples are sour. Gohan cries that he wants Chinese food and Piccolo, who is watching from afar, is upset. Meanwhile, Goku continues to bounce around the Serpent Road.