Dragon Ball Manga Vol.20 Chapter 233 : Can He Unleash It?! The Genki-Dama!!

Dragon Ball Manga Chapter 233 Colored





Kuririn and Gohan are now only a short distance from the Kame House, but then they see a Power Ball glowing in the distance and wonder what it is. He also senses an overwhelming ki that doesn't belong to Goku and thinks it's not good. Gohan says he's coming back, but Kuririn explains he can't. Gohan insists that he has to go and flies off, and then Kuririn rushes over and tries to go with him. Meanwhile, Goku freaks out at the sight of Ozara Vegeta.

"Guhahaha how are you Kakarrot!!! Now your end has come!!!!" Goku then says "Ozaru... Ozaru the monster..." Vegeta then explains to him that an Ozaru Saiyan has ten times the fighting power of one in their human form Goku has a flashback of his grandfather telling him that he shouldn't come out on a full moon night because of the Ozar monster and that he will only be safe when he sleeps. And he also thinks that God prevented his tail from growing back. Goku finally realizes that the monster that killed his grandfather and destroyed the Tenka'ichi Budōkai arena, he was!

Yajirobe can't believe this monster and then realizes that he has the same clothes as the Saiyan. And Goku thinks "Earth and I will make you take this Genki-Dama!!!" Vegeta punches the ground where Goku is, but Goku barely jumps out of the way. Vegeta then kicks Goku to the ground. Goku lies injured as Vegeta returns to him, but then yells, "Ka-Kaiō-Ken!!!!", and flies into the air. However, Vegeta simply blasts him with his tail.

Goku manages to catch himself in mid-air and Vegeta comes back right behind him. Goku wonders what he can do; it's not time to focus on Genki-Dama, and Kaiō-Ken x5 wouldn't even do any good. Goku wishes he had more time, only ten seconds left, and then gets the idea to borrow one of Tenshinhan's techniques. “Taiyō-Ken!!!!!” He hits Ōzaru Vegeta right in the eyes and Goku moves away over the top of the rock formations. "E-Earth, sea and all living things... Please lend me some of your genki...!!! I'm begging you!!!" Goku throws his hands up in the air and Vegeta is upset that he can't see anything.