Dragon Ball Manga Vol.41 Chapter 489 : Gotenks’ Got Confidence!!

Dragon Ball Manga Chapter 489 Colored





As Piccolo leads Bo to the Room of Spirit and Time, Kuririn wonders why they should fight there. Dende explains that even if Trunks and Goten lose, Piccolo could destroy the door and trap them there in another dimension. If Trunks and Goten die, then they can be brought back by the Dragon Balls. Kame-Sen'nin praises Piccolo's thinking while Yamcha wonders why Piccolo is leading Boo in circles. Kuririn says we'll probably gain time because one minute outside is six hours there. Boo is getting impatient with all the walking, but Piccolo says his opponent is at the very bottom of this place. Boo protests that they went upstairs…

Trunks and Goten have been training for a while and are very tired. As they pant, they discuss how they "beat" Super Saiyan, but the main weakness is time. They can only stay that way for five minutes and then their Fusion runs out. Goten thinks he can easily beat him in five minutes, but Trunks says it's no fun. Trunks has a better idea: They will fight in their normal state first and then drag the fight out. Once they reach the remaining five minutes, they become an "Ultra Super Saiyan" and easily defeat Boo. This will be great and he will get revenge for his dad, Gohan and Goten's mom. As the two celebrate their "genius" plan, Piccolo suddenly speaks to them telepathically, speaking directly to their hearts.

Piccolo says that the plan for their fight with Majin Boo has changed and Boo is on his way. Goten freaks out and says they just ended the Fusion. Piccolo says it's okay because he's leading Boo and buying time. They should have enough time to rest their bodies. It will probably be another minute before they get to the door, so the boys have six hours there. Trunks thinks six hours is enough, and Goten tells Piccolo that he'll be surprised at how well they've trained already. Piccolo asks Boo if he wants to eat some food, but Boo yells and threatens to kill him. The boys sleep until Piccolo comes to the door.

Boo and Piccolo enter and Piccolo waits in the sleeping area while Boo steps out into the open area. Trunks and Goten are there, ready and waiting. They call out to Boo and Boo asks Piccolo if it's them. Piccolo hopes for a miracle. Trunks is disappointed Piccolo will be the only spectator. They tell Boo it ends here and give a thumbs down. Boo gets irritated and when they start Fusion Pose, Boo flies over and punches Trunks. Trunks chides him that they were obviously about to do something cool and tells Boo to stay put. "Phew…" Piccolo wonders why they don't start out as Super Saiyans. "Zion... Ha!!!" However, Piccolo is at least happy that they perfected fusing.

Gotenks appears in a flash of light and Boo remembers beating him up earlier. Gotenks insists that he is completely different than before, and Piccolo agrees that he looks different. Gotenks flies in and kicks Boo, pounding on him and then Boo asks if he can attack now. Gotenks says wait and thinks that Boo needs to pretend it doesn't concern him. Piccolo thinks they are doomed…