Dragon Ball Manga Vol.42 Chapter 505 : Vegetto the Instigator

Dragon Ball Manga Chapter 505 Colored





Boo can't believe it, and Vegetto agrees, saying he can't believe it either. Boo starts shaking, looking a little constipated, and then starts spewing little ghosts out of Boo's head. Boo announces a Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack and Vegetto recognizes it as Gotenks absorbed technique. Boo sends ghosts towards Vegetto, but Vegetto disappears. He reappears off to the side and fires small shots at the ghosts that blow them all up. Vegetto taunts Boo, saying how easy it was since a kid invented the technique. Boo yells in frustration as the old Kaiōshin wishes Vegetto to finish the job and stop messing around. Vegetto wants Boo to be serious, so Boo angrily lashes out at him, saying it's unfair to merge. Vegetto notes that Boo connects with a lot of people because he only holds back Boo's punches with his legs.

Dende flies along, holding Satan, and Dende hears the sounds of battle in the distance. Back in the battle, Vegetto kicks Boo right in the face and Boo stares at him in disgust. Vegetto tells Boo that he can't win at all, but Boo smirks and asks if he likes cookies in his coffee. Boo suddenly ambushes Vegeta and turns him into a candy ball. Boo is holding a candy bar and laughing happily. Kaiōshin can't believe it, while old Kaiōshin yells at the idiots for floundering too much. Boo holds a candy ball in his fist and says he finally did it, but then suddenly punches himself in the face. She drops the candy from her fist and floats there talking to him. Vegetto says his power hasn't changed and declares himself the strongest sugar ball in the universe. Also, it's smaller and harder to hit now. Vegetto's candy ball flies at Bo, hitting him in the stomach and face. Boo slaps him but still misses as the ball repeatedly hits him and knocks Boo around.

Vegetto then flies through Boo's mouth and the back of his head, cutting off a chunk of his front. Boo eventually relents and turns Vegeta back to normal. The Kaiōshin really hope that Vegetto will stop fooling around. Vegetto figures he should finally end it, so he gives Boo until he counts ten. "1… 2… 3… 4…" Vegetto thought, hoping that Boo would hurry up and realize something. “5…” Boo thinks she has to gobble him up, but how… She remembers the piece of her front that was cut off by the candy and suddenly turns it into a blob. "7…8…" Vegetto is glad he finally realized this and wondered how he cut that piece on purpose. "9…" Vegetto hopes this will work. "10!!" The Blob begins to surround Vegeta, but he quickly puts up a barrier. Bringing the drop back to him, Boo absorbs it into his body and is pleased with his idea.