Dragon Ball Manga Vol.42 Chapter 519 : Bye-Bye, Dragon World

Dragon Ball Manga Chapter 519 Colored





The announcer starts going over the tournament matches and procedures, telling everyone to come to the ring when their name is called, etc. At this point they can relax or warm up if they want. Goten is upset that he has to face Boo in the first round, but Goku thinks it wouldn't be a problem if he wasn't so lazy with his training. Mō Kekko says that he thinks he should be the one to complain because he has to face this little kid. Pan stuck her tongue out at him and he told her to go home and drink her breast milk. However, Otoko Suki is very happy to face Trunks. Knock then starts calling out Vegeta and making fun of his age. He gets in Vegeta's face, laughs and tells him to die. Vegeta nonchalantly punches him away and crashes into a brick wall.

From the center of the tournament ring, the announcer announces that the Tenka'ichi Budōkai is underway and that the first match is about to begin. Pan is a genius girl only four years old and is the grandson of Mr. Satan. Her opponent, Mō Kekko, lost to Mister Boo in the semifinals of the last tournament and is 2 meters 30 centimeters (7.5 ft) tall. Some fans in the crowd can't believe they would allow that much, and Satan hopes that Pan will be okay. The match begins and Mō Kekko assumes he should be done with it, but Pan quickly jumps up and punches him in the face before kicking him out of the ring right into the arena wall. Once she's sure she's still breathing, Pan is declared the winner and she bows cutely. Saying it's time for the second match to begin, the announcer recites Goku's decorated past and introduces Ooba, a 10-year-old boy who has come all the way from an island in the south. Bulma feels bad that the poor kid came this far only to lose to Son-kun. Piccolo tells Dende that this is the match to pay the most attention to this time.

The match begins and Goku tells Ooba not to be nervous or he won't be able to release his true power. Oob nervously says okay and Goku thinks there's no point since he clearly hasn't calmed down. Goku thinks he has no choice... "Hey you! Get your ass in here you bastard! I used to pretend to be a good guy in front of everyone but I'm actually very bad! Why you... I hate you! I'll knock you out. Also, uhh, beat you to death and you want me to bring home your bones! Uhh... Your mom's navel is waiting!" Oob protests as he says that to his mom. "Well, is it shit then? Yeah, yeah , she sucks, huh?!" Trunks and Goten wonder what he is doing. Thinking he'll finish it now, Goku flies at the Oob and says "Your dad is shit too!"

Goku kicks Oob in the face and then steps back. Oob gets angry and says his father and mother aren't shit as he rushes towards Goku with a kick. Goku blocks it, but then his arm really hurts. Goku barely dodges the punch and then throws himself away from the kick. Goku flies at Oob with a punch that Oob barely blocks and the two quickly exchange several blows. Everyone is shocked to see how this kid holds up against Goku. Oob screams and sends a kiai that sends Goku flying into the air, but is shocked to see Goku caught and just floating in the air. Goku lands and notes that Oob still doesn't know how to fly. Goku says he couldn't learn it without a teacher. Goku apologizes for the offense earlier, explaining that he only wanted to see Ooba's true power. Goku thinks he's impressive for sure, but what's the point of fighting if he doesn't know how to use his power.

Goku offers to come live with Oob and teach him. Oob says his home is poor and therefore needs a monetary reward. Goku says it's no problem because he can borrow a lot of money from Mr. Satan. Goku says that Oob will be the one to protect the peace from now on, then tells him to wait here as he flies in to inform everyone of his plan. “I'll train this guy and go live at his house. I don't know how long it will last but I will be back often. Be good, good. See you!" Gohan is very confused with everything that's going on. Goku goes back to Ooba and tells him to climb on his back and hold on tight as he flies all the way to an island to the south. Goku zooms off and Trunks and Goten wonders what just happened. Everyone in the skybox is confused, but Piccolo smirks and says that this is the happiest Goku has seen him in a long time. Vegeta knows what Kakarotto's plan is, and it's not just to train Boo's reincarnation to she was protecting the peace. As they fly away, Goku tells Oob that they should have a proper rematch once he's done training. Oob agrees, and Goku admits that that's his real goal.

End of Tankōbon
Goku thinks it's exciting to meet someone so powerful, and Oob agrees. As the two get closer, Goku tells Oob that he's going to get even stronger, and Oob says, "Yes!!" Goku doesn't think that's exciting enough, so he tells him to yell, "Yeah-!!" and Oob follows as the two disappear into the distance…

“The Great Dragon Ball Adventure of Goku and Friends! I can only show you all up to here, to the end… Even after this, there will probably be various difficulties, but somehow they will no doubt overcome them… It will be fine because they have the Dragon Balls…!”

The end of the kanzenban
As the two fly, Goku thinks he has something to give him, but Oob isn't sure what he means. Goku calls out, "Kinto-Un!!" They both stop when Kinto-Un flies up to them. Goku says it's great to see Kinto-Un since it's been so long and tells Ooba to try to board. Goku then nonchalantly unleashes Oob, who is a bit scared, on Kinto-Un. "You did well! Just as I thought!" Goku tells Ooba to just think about where he wants to go and then Kinto-Un suddenly shrinks. Goku follows him with a big smile and the two fly off into the distance…

“I can show you the story of Son Goku, his many friends and the Dragon Balls up to this point, to the end. Even after this, we can probably expect that there will still be various troubles, no different than before. But somehow they will definitely overcome them... It will be okay because there are incredible guys on Earth...!!”

Back at the Tenka'ichi Budōkai, as the crowd cheers, Vegeta scowls. "Sooner or later, Kakarrot, I will show you defeat… Hmph!"