Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 102

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Reunion and Challenge:

The chapter opens with Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and the others on Beer's planet enjoying a meal after the events of the Granolah arc.
Goku is reunited with Gohan, who is focused on scientific pursuits and his family.
Despite the initial pleasantries, Goku is eager to test Gohan's strength and proposes a match.
Recognizing his son's reluctance, Goku assures him that a serious fight will not endanger Earth and uses Instant Transmission to transport them to Beerus' abandoned training ground.
Warming up and Gotenks Fusion:

Gohan begins a playful fight with Goten and Trunks, showing off his enhanced control over his latent power.
Gotenks melts down to further challenge Gohan, but their combined efforts prove futile against the Gohan Beast's overwhelming power.
Gotenks defuses, acknowledging Gohan's impressive transformation and setting the stage for the main event.
goku vs. Gohan Beast:

Anticipation builds as Goku transforms into Ultra Instinct, ready to face his son.
An epic clash ensues, featuring an explosive exchange of blows that threatens to shatter Beerus' planet.
The panels emphasize the immense power and speed displayed by both fighters, with shockwaves rippling across the desolate landscape.
Piccolo watches from afar, amazed at Gohan's newfound potential and Goku's masterful control of Ultra Instinct.
Unresolved and Teasing Conclusion:

The chapter abruptly ends with Goku and Gohan Beast locked in an intense battle, neither gaining a clear upper hand.
Alerted by powerful energy signatures, Vegeta arrives at Planet Beerus and learns of the Gohan Beast's incredible power.
Piccolo reveals his own transformation, Orange Piccolo, sparking Goku's interest in further potential sparring.
The final panel teases Vegeta's reaction to learning of Gohan's immense power and hints at future confrontations and rivalries.
Additional notes:

While the chapter focuses heavily on action and power levels, there are moments of humor and character interaction throughout.
Goten and Trunks' playful banter offers a light-hearted contrast to the seriousness of the main fight.
Piccolo's stoic observations and gentle encouragement to Gohan add depth to the dynamic.
This chapter serves as a turning point for Gohan, cementing his return as a major force in the Dragon Ball universe.
Overall, Chapter 102 delivers a visually stunning and action-packed experience, leaving readers eagerly awaiting the next chapter, which will reveal the outcome of the father-son duel and explore the potential consequences of Gohan's newfound power.